[SOLUTION] Business in Movies

1. Please share your reactions to Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane in relation to the concepts of Individualism and Collectivism. 2. What is the effect of telling the story of Charles Foster Kane from so many different angles and perspectives? 3. What is the primary conflict in the narrative, or are there more than one? 4. Why is Charles Foster Kane conceived so differently compared to the protagonists in the earlier movies you watched? 5. What is the significance of viewing the protagonist as a unique individual motivated by his own set of personal desires and ambitions? 6. What aspects of melodrama can be seen in this film? 7. Where does your sympathy lie in the film, and why? 8. To the degree that the film is about self-fulfillment, how easy does it appear for that goal to be achieved? What is involved? What are the impediments?

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[SOLUTION] Business in Movies
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