[SOLUTION] Pursuit of Happiness

After watching the movie you will write a minimum of 3 pages (double spaced) essay style paper discussing the correlation of communication and speech (from the movie) to our class and our everyday lives, as well as you thoughts on the movie. Please do not provide a summary of the movie, I would like for you to thoroughly analyze the film and find the value of communication in it. You need to discuss this value and correlate it to what you have learned in this course. The paper must be in proper MLA format, meaning include a title page and works cited. So, your submission should be at least 5 pages (1 title, 3 essay, 1 works cited). You are not required to do any outside research for this assignment, but if you use the textbook or any websites to define communication, provide data, quotes or other information you would be required to include those in the works cited

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[SOLUTION] Pursuit of Happiness
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