[SOLUTION] homework help organizational behavior

Book – McShane, S., & Glinow, M. (2014). Organizational behavior (7th ed.). McGraw-Hill/Irwin. Discuss the benefits and challenges of the employee job performance evaluation process as it relates to the ratings of an individual. For example, if an employer uses a standard Likert Scale (1 through 5, lowest to highest) for rating employees’ performance on a particular job, consider using adjectives instead of a numerical scale, describing an employee’s emotional intelligence quotient as it relates to the performance on the job. For example, consider the following questions: 1. Is the employee kind and supportive to coworkers? Does the employee communicate authentically on his/her team? 2. Does the employee exhibit integrity and character in her/his relationships with clients/customers? How would this method improve the performance evaluation process? 3. Would there be downsides to including adjectives as opposed to numerical ratings? Should both be utilized?

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[SOLUTION] homework help organizational behavior
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