[SOLUTION] Personal Responsibility

Write one (1) paragraph (at minimum) for each of the questions listed below. Each paragraph should be at least ten (10) complete sentences. Please use the Word Document template I provided (located in SWTJC Canvas Files). Assignment must be in APA style (Times New Roman, 12 font size, double-spaced). A cover and reference page are required. An abstract is not required. I will only accept Word Documents. 1. Describe a topic you have explored in depth in this course. Include information that supports your intense interest in this topic. You may pick a topic of your choice or choose one of the following possible topics: a. prenatal development b. Erikson’s psychosocial theory, (e.g. the development of trust) c. Vygotsky’s cognitive development theory d. Bowlby’s view of attachment, (e.g. importance of developing a secure attachment) e. parenting styles, (e.g. authoritative, permissive, or authoritarian) f. parent’s role during the period of early childhood g. adolescent development h. emerging adulthood i. generativity in middle age j. understanding the aging process k. any topic related to stress, nutrition and/or healthy development 2. Describe ways that you have taken initiative this semester to complete course work, generate and pursue opportunities to expand your knowledge, skills, and abilities in this field. (Consider attendance, class participation, and meeting deadlines as indicators of this) 3. Describe connections you have made between your prior knowledge and what you have learned in this course. How has this course helped you to better understand the ideas, concepts, or knowledge you possessed before enrolling in this class by adding new and different ways to view or use prior knowledge? Your answer for this response should reflect a change in your understanding of the concepts related to the study of lifespan, growth and development. 4. How has your learning inside and outside of the classroom changed your perspective about experiences you have in school and life in general? In what ways do these changes show your own growth or maturity over time? You may want to discuss changes you have made or want to make in the future. Use specific examples from your life experiences to answer this question. ps:we have only cover chapter 2, 3, 6, 7, and 10.

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[SOLUTION] Personal Responsibility
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