[SOLUTION] school lunch shaming

Follow your research questions with four possible thesis statements for your Argument Essay on School lunch shaming. These statements may provide direct answers to one or more of your research questions or they make simply be inspired by a stance or view provoked by the research questions. Provide one thesis statement of each type: 1) a claim of definition or classification; 2) a claim about cause and effect; 3) a claim about value; 4) a claim about solutions or policies. Clearly identify each thesis statement by type. [Note: These four types of thesis statements are all described, with examples Lastly, reflect on the creation of your four possible thesis statements. You may comment on any or all of the following questions. Explain your reasons. Which thesis was the hardest to come up with, and which was the easiest? Which thesis do you think could be supported most effectively in your argument essay? Which thesis statement do you think would be the most interesting to write on? Which thesis statement would take the most additional research to support? Which thesis is best geared to your intended audience? Comment on anything else you learned about thesis statements from doing this exercise. Your Module 1 initial post should be at least 200

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[SOLUTION] school lunch shaming
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