[SOLUTION] Community Policing

For your final case study of the course, and after completing all of the required reading, write a 4 to 6 page, double-spaced and APA formatted paper that discusses a topic of interest to you from Chapter 15, “Future Multicultural Trends in Criminal Justice.” For example, you may wish to write your case study on Community Policing, the elderly offender populations and its impact on the criminal justice system, what is the future of drug enforcement strategy in the United States, new mental health strategies, or another topic from chapter 15. If you wish to write on a topic not identified in Chapter 15 you must have prior approval to do so. !!!(PLEASE WRITE THIS CASE STUDY ON COMMUNITY POLICING)!!! Be sure to use and cite the required readings in your paper, as well as, any other research sources you find.

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[SOLUTION] Community Policing
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