[SOLUTION] International Expansion

This week, you will prepare a report on a company’s international expansion based on theories of internationalization. Conduct an Internet search to find a timeline chronicling the history of a current multinational firm. However, do not choose an automobile company because that will be the topic of your Week 8 Signature Assignment submission. You are not limited to U.S. firms. Many companies provide this information under sections like “our story” or “about us.” Be sure to find one that provides good details about their international expansion in terms of when, where, and how. For example, on its corporate website, Walmart provides a timeline under “our history” (This company cannot be used for this assignment either). It shows, among other things, that its first international expansion was with a Mexican joint venture to open a Sam’s Club in 1991. In 1994, Walmart acquired a chain of stores in Canada. In 1996, it opened its first store in China, and they entered the UK through acquisition in 1998, and Japan in 2002, among others. Include the informational timeline in your written report, focusing primarily on international events. Also, include the following: Reconstruct and analyze your timeline using the three theories discussed this week: The Upsala Model of Internationalization The Transaction Cost Internalization (TCI) theory The OLI Paradigm (Dunning’s Eclectic Theory) Be sure to provide a contextual discussion of the three theories. Given any lack of detail in the company’s timeline, some of your discussion may involve conjecture, which is acceptable. The main goal is to provide logical connections between an actual internationalization process and theory. This week’s resources provide information on all three theories, but please seek out further detail from other scholarly and non-scholarly sources. Length: 5 pages, not including title and reference pages References: Include a minimum of 5 scholarly resources.

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[SOLUTION] International Expansion
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