[SOLUTION] Information on Vaccines

Your friend is worried about the many vaccines that his newborn son is scheduled to receive and asks you for advice since you are taking a biology course. In order to help him make an informed decision about whether to allow his son to be vaccinated, you prepare a PowerPoint presentation in which you: 1) Explain how vaccines work. 2) Briefly contrast the traditional methods used to create vaccines with more recently used biotechnology techniques. 3) List some of the diseases that babies and children in the USA are routinely vaccinated against. 4) Share how vaccinations have impacted the frequency of these diseases over the past 100 years. 5) List reasons why people are worried about allowing their children to be vaccinated, including any scientific evidence to support these concerns. 6) Conclude with advice to your friend regarding vaccinating his son, based on what you learned from reliable information sources.

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[SOLUTION] Information on Vaccines
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