[SOLUTION] Visual Rhetoric and Instructional design

Each prompt answer needs to be one page long and have one source. outline: Answer then list that source right after and do the same thing for the next prompt -FIRST short answer prompt: Where do you think the line between Aesthetics and Functionality should be drawn? When looking for facts and information from a graphic, what design qualities or style choices do you prefer and find most user friendly? Which style choices do you hate? How would you describe the perfect infographic? -SECOND short answer prompt: In modern academia, more and ore students identify themselves as visual learners–meaning that they retain more information through visual representation rather than hearing or being told answers. Instructional design is very key to explaining processes and step by step procedures required to undertake some form of task. This can range from anything from recipes in a cook book, assembling furniture from IKEA, lecture notes on assignments, to even tutorials in a video game. Describe both THE BEST and THE WORST/Most Confusing or Vague instruction sets you ever encountered and focus on the visuals used (if any) to break down the process and make it more understandable to the audience/user. What elements and visuals did the best one have to make it easier to understand? What elements did the best one lack and how could it have been improved?

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[SOLUTION] Visual Rhetoric and Instructional design
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