[SOLUTION] A Look at My Neighborhood

The purpose of this assignment is to conduct an investigation of urban life with an emphasis on local neighborhoods. You will observe urban life in Jamaica, Queens, NY. The research assignment will include images and will indicate your understanding of the subject. Take a walk around your neighborhood. Using your new “sociological eye” think about what theories and concepts do you “see” in your neighborhood? Take a picture of those ideas. (get photos on the internet) Your project will consist of 4 images. In powerpoint you will have one image per slide naming the theory or concept (from the book Experiencing Cities (The Metropolis and Modern Life) and its definition. You will then list 3 bullet points as to why this image is an example of that particular concept. Please include your name and neighborhood in a cover slide. An example of what the slide should look like is uploaded.

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[SOLUTION] A Look at My Neighborhood
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