[SOLUTION] Generation Z Horror

Prompt: I need to write an essay about a fear that generation z experiences. The fear that I was thinking about is Discrimination. In the essay I need to include a film that explores that fear. The film that you can use is Get Out (2017). Please use your own ideas and combine it with the research that you do. Please also take in consideration to include why horror is related to the fear of discrimination of generation z. When you are explaining the fear of discrimination you can include gender, racial discrimination, families, etc. Within the essay you should discuss: Characteristics of Generation Z Themes of the current decade Fears experienced by Generation Z, and the reactions Gen-Z has to those fears How your chosen film/game/show provides an example of that fear, its causes, and its consequences on the generation. This essay is largely self-driven, which means that you need to find research, understand historical context, and analyze the film. Also, the essay is mostly about your own ideas, not just the research. In terms of research, I recommend the following You must quote from your chosen film/game/show You should refer to current events to demonstrate a pattern of events that lead people to be afraid of something You should use research that characterizes Generation Z You should provide evidence of the fear as something Generation Z worries about You may want to look up information about the writer/director and why they chose to create this art the way they did, or who they marketed it to, and why. Interviews are particularly helpful here. Assignment Requirements: the essay should be between 1,000-1,100 words should include a clear thesis in the introduction of the essay that answers the above prompt the essay should quote directly from the research and accurately document its sources the essay should utilize analytical paragraph structure

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[SOLUTION] Generation Z Horror
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