[SOLUTION] module politics

This assignment will cover the readings for Module 13. For this assignment, you will need to answer the questions listed at the end. Please answer the questions in order (numbered) and in complete sentences. You do not need to write the question, but include the question number. DO NOT copy/paste part of the textbook/readings. Please answer the questions in your own words. Readings covered in this assignment: American Government (AG) Ch. 17 (link https://openstax.org/details/books/american-government-2e) Democracy for the Few (DFTF) Ch. 11(attaches to files) Questions 1.Looking at AG Section 17.4, explain what the neoconservative approach to foreign policy is, and what proponents believe. 2.Looking at the history of American foreign policy, do you see a principled commitment to the promotion of democracy, a mythical belief in America’s uniquely virtuous role in world politics, or a self-interested pursuit of national power and wealth? 3.Is the huge budget on defense spending justified? What other ways could the money be used in the US? 4.What do you think about US foreign policy? What should be our goals when it comes to foreign policy? Should we intervene (in any way possible) in other countries to achieve our goals despite what they think? Or should we work together with others to achieve common goals?

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[SOLUTION] module politics
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