[SOLUTION] story of western music

The Final Paper will be relaying the “story of western music”. The objective is for you to summarize in four pages about two thousand years of music history. Again, standard rules apply: 12 point type, 1 inch margins, and double-spaced. While this is no small feat, you are basically to summarize each of the chapters ranging from Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Contemporary Music (this includes both ‘popular’ styles and classical idioms.) This is not a research paper!!! Obviously because this paper is so short and the material so vast it is crucial to be very concise. Before writing the actual paper, it is very beneficial to both your writing and the readers’ reading experience to outline your major points complete with subheadings with a few important details and examples. Here are some other tips for success: A: Discuss the stylistic conventions of each period (ie: ornamentation, use of harmony, treatment of melody etc.) B. Role of music in society in this era. C. Popular philosophies that change both society and the arts. D. Major music figures within each period. E. And almost most important illustrate how music evolves, revolts against old conventions, and how some things remain at the core unchanged. By the time you write this you will have observed the basic concepts that make up the history of western music. Now that you have this information your goal is to form it into your own words and truly internalize the concepts. As with any course the material itself has a very limited worth on its own: what you do with it in forming ideas, opinions, the ability to see a subject at various planes of understanding, and how you creatively use the material to learn and appreciate new perspectives virtually multiplies any subject’s usefulness. Good luck.

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[SOLUTION] story of western music
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