For this assignment, prepare a brief summary of the problem, method, results, and discussion/conclusion. You may answer all or some of the following questions in items a through e below (depending on the specific content of your article): a. What did you learn from the introduction section? What is the historical background of the research topic? What theoretical explanations are emphasized in this section? What is the hypothesis of the study? b. What did you learn from the methods section? Who were the subjects? What procedures were used? c. What did you learn from the results section? What kinds of statistical procedures were used? What did you learn from charts, frequency tables, and bar graphs? What results did the authors say were statistically significant? d. What did you learn from the discussion section? How did the authors interpret their results? Did they provide alternative explanations? Did they talk about the limitations for the present research study? What future research studies were suggested? e. What are your personal reactions to the research findings?

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