[SOLUTION] Executive Compensation

Here are my questions to you for this week:In what scenario(s) do you think a CEO should be paid with a multi-million-dollar compensation package? Explain.What are some other ways to attract and retain top executives other than offering large compensation packages? How would you explain to the company’s stakeholders, especially its employees, the justification of a multi-million-dollar compensation package?You have had a good career and have been promoted up through the ranks within your organization. You currently make $150,000/per year and are about to be promoted again. Given the below scenarios, which one would you choose, and why? You can accept a small promotion and likely make $200,000/year for the next 20 years. You will have less stress, more time with your family, and retire a wealthy person.Or, you can be an executive of a company making $2,000,000/year and your job security is not guaranteed. You will have a ton of stress, the liability of leading the company, and you could potentially be fired if you do not perform to the board’s expectations.Do CEOs make too much money, or are they fairly paid? Explain.

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[SOLUTION] Executive Compensation
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