[SOLUTION] Health Policy Analysis Brief

Health Policy Analysis Brief Instructions: The policy brief is a tool for communicating core information about an issue in a clear, concise format. The policy brief is prepared to be shared with public entities for a particular reason such as to influence support for a proposed policy, a policy action or to make policy makers and or the public aware of a particular view point/option. Specific Requirements The Structure of the Brief should generally follows the 5-step process (may vary with the issue/problem), but must include the following: ? Describe what issue or problem will be addressed in your policy brief. ? This is the most substantial part of the brief, and should include the following: ? Explain key policy events, (regulatory and legislative). ? Identify previous legislation or regulation that precede your issues. ? Provide the context to understand your issue, including key demographic or statistical info, pertinent socio-demographic and economic trends. ? Provide information/data from current studies that inform/impact the issue. ? Identify key/major stakeholders and special interest positions and explain the implications of their views on the issues/problems you defined and the options you are recommending. ? Include an analysis of the political realities that are expected to come into play. ? Identify pending or recent legislation (bills) or legal/administrative law decisions under consideration. ? Identify the policy intervention options available/relevant to address the issue/problem (maximum of 4, including do nothing). ? Include whether there are any current legislative activities or proposals under consideration and explain how they relate to or differ from that which you are proposing or advocating. ? List the pros and cons of each proposal/option related to an established set of evaluation criteria. ? Recommend best fit option given criteria, constraints, etc. Rationale for your recommended action should be based on your analysis of the scope of the problem/need and the merits/expected benefits of each option as well as prior, relevant history. ? List all the resources used to prepare the policy brief (including your WebQuest results as an appendix item). Grading Be sure to consult the Policy Brief Grading Rubric Instructions •Four to six pages, single spaced, 12 point font, Times New Roman. This includes references. •You may use tables and graphs. Cite them properly and discuss them appropriately. •Only list references that you actually use. Make sure that ½ of them are peer reviewed. The reader should be able to tell how you used your references. •You can use in text citations (APA format); or, end notes. •Put your draft paper through the SAFE ASSIGN DRAFT folder on the assignment page. You can put any deliverable in this folder as many times as you like and you will get a new score after each modification. •The final version of your paper will be put through SAFE ASSIGN as well. And, that score will count toward your final grade. You should be under 35% on the report after false positives are backed out. •Use headings to reflect the components of the issue brief required by the rubric and assignment description.

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[SOLUTION] Health Policy Analysis Brief
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