[SOLUTION] moral compass

Week 8: End-of-Course Reflection As this course closes, please reflect on what you are taking away from this term. The following questions are suggestions and you may also expand on anything else that you found meaningful in the readings, discussions, or your exploration of your own moral compass. 1. After taking this course, has your understanding of “Business with humanity in mind” changed at all, and how? 2. How has your understanding of your own moral compass (your values, how you distinguish right from wrong, why you make the choices you make etc.) changed as a result of this course? 3. In thinking about your future as a business leader, what new skills are you taking from this course to help you? 4. What personal commitments will you make in order to continue to grow as a person who stands up for one’s own values? Limit: 600 words, one page or a 2-minute video. This will be graded complete/incomplete

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[SOLUTION] moral compass
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