[SOLUTION]  Peer Exchanges Here tz

Submit Module 9 Assignment and Peer Exchanges Here No unread replies.No replies. Module Assignments Study the assigned curriculum — both Parts 1 and 2 of each module. Submit your essay (or your contracted alternative), which must include thoughts on both parts of each module. Your peer exchanges are due two days after your essay is due. The essays are designed to be meaningful exercises of self-exploration (reflections) rather than busy work (summaries). The practice of philosophy is a major goal of your essays and exchanges. This practice promotes and supports independent, creative and original thinking. Essays Due by 11:00 PM on Mondays and Thursdays. Your essays need to be a thoughtful “journal-like” reflections. Essays must address both part 1 and part 2 of each module’s curriculum. A good reflection is one that I could not have read before. This is because it is the essay that only you could have written — due to your unique set of life experiences. Two Peer Exchanges Due by 11:00 PM on Wednesdays and Saturdays. 1) You respond to a peer’s essay and 2) you reply to a peer who responded to your essay. Both peer exchanges must be more than 200 words each to be eligible to receive credit. From the due date of your essay, you have two days to complete your peer exchanges. If your essay does not receive a response that you can reply to within 36 hours, you no longer need to wait. Instead, you write a second response to a different classmate. Minimum Requirements Essays are not summaries. That is busy work. Summaries do not receive credit because they do not require serious thought — simply the ability to record information. Your essays must be more than 700 words to receive credit and be eligible for a C, more than 800 words to be eligible for a B, and more than 900 words to be eligible for an A. Your assignments are not eligible for A’s if they require proofreading. Assignments that are partial (not meeting minimum requirements) do not receive partial credit. Late assignments are not eligible for credit. Essay Prompts You are not required to use the following prompts, but they may help you think about what you are studying: What did you learn? What surprised you and/or caused enough doubt that you were inspired to do a little research and fact checking? Did you find any specific ideas confusing or difficult? Did you have an emotional response, negative or positive? Do you know why? Have you had any experiences you are willing to share with our class that help you relate to and understand any of the material in this module? Did this assignment contain any “awakening” ideas, those that inspire you rather than depress you? Did you find any of the ideas surprising? Why? Final Assessment Prompts You do not need to use these final assessment prompts either, but they may help you put what you are studying this semester into a larger perspective. Can you give an example or two in your essay that demonstrates you were engaging with, and thinking about, our curriculum in a serious way? Did you study everything required or did you rush and skim? Did you find yourself thinking about class content when you did not have to, such as finding yourself discussing ideas with friends or family? Did you seek clarification about class material that confused you? If not, why not? Have your studies contributed to any increase in self-knowledge (how you understand the world and your place in it) or a deeper understanding of one’s current world view?

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