[SOLUTION] Foundations in Liberal Studies

This is my final project for my Foundations Class. BLA Final Portfolio Project is based on my two concentrations of Health Studies and Psychology. This course examines the value and importance of drawing on several academic disciplines to understand issues that are too complex to be addressed effectively using any single discipline. Using a case study approach, we will examine how the elements of various disciplines can be integrated and synthesized to understand and give voice to complex issues dealing with health, environment, governance, peace and conflict, etc. Upon completing the course, students will be able to view the courses in their own BLA concentrations from an interdisciplinary (ID) perspective by observing how elements of each discipline can contribute to the understanding of global problems. These skills will be applied in the BLA Capstone Course. This is part of the course syllabus with learning outcomes: Learning Objectives Upon completion of this course, students will be able to: • Explain the history and significance of a liberal arts education • Articulate norms and perspectives in one’s BLA concentrations • Define interdisciplinarity (ID) and current methodologies • Apply ID to a range of historical, cultural, political, and personal questions and artifacts • Contextualize the BLA concentrations in terms of ID values and methodologies • Analyze one’s own intellectual journey, chosen concentrations, and future goals • Produce a portfolio with an intellectual biography to demonstrate the student’s use of ID resources and their connection to educational and professional goals. This course had Book: • Fareed Zakaria, In Defense of a Liberal Education (Norton, 2015). This is what was done during the course for reference: Week 1 – Introductions to the class and each other Week 2 – What is Interdisciplinary Studies? Reading due: “Academic Disciplines” (ch 5 of Repko, 111-53; on Blackboard) Week 3 – Reading due: Repko, ch 4 (90-109), on Blackboard Complete BLA concentrations worksheet Disciplines project due Week 4 – The Liberal Arts Reading due: Zakaria, In Defense of the Liberal Arts, ch 1-3 Week 5 – Liberal Arts continued Reading due: Zakaria, ch 4-6 Zakaria Week 6 – Journalism and ID Week 7 – Applying the ID Toolkit: Music videos and interdisciplinary studies Journalism Week 8 – Applying your ID Toolkit continued ATTACHED IS THE PROJECT INSTRUCTIONS.

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[SOLUTION] Foundations in Liberal Studies
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