[SOLUTION] Outcome Evaluation

Continuing the example provided in Process Evaluation in Module 6, you have decided to offer 12 three-hour workshops that couples will participate in, and each workshop will focus on a different topic (e.g., healthy communication, stress management, etc.). You will deliver services in the evening (6–9 pm) once a week for 12 weeks. You plan to hire certified family life educators to facilitate the sessions. In this blog entry, please provide one specific, reasonable, and answerable outcome objective for the above program. After writing your outcome objective, please do the following: Identify each of the 4 components of strong objectives in your outcome objective (for a review, see Module 4) Explain how you would design an evaluation to assess whether your program is meeting that objective. In doing so: Identify and explain what kind of research design you would use (e.g., randomized experiment, pre- and post-designs, time series designs). Be sure to indicate whether you would use a control group and if so, how you would assign people to your treatment and control groups. Explain why this research design is appropriate for assessing the program’s impact and the specific objective you have identified (e.g., will this research design provide an answer for the objective you have set up?). Remember to use APA formatted in-text parenthetical citations to cite your sources where appropriate (e.g., when you use and define course terms, evidence for any assertions you make, etc.). Responses that do not include in-text citations will not receive full credit! Below is the two links that the teacher has listed as example assessment tools for measuring outcomes: https://cyfar.org/ilm_common_measures https://cyfar.org/additional-instruments

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[SOLUTION] Outcome Evaluation
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