[SOLUTION] NonVerbals presentation Speech

This will end up being a speech presentation that i’ll have to record myself. The video needs to be 4-6 mins long so i think 2 pages should be appropriate. The chapter im assigned to is “Non Verbals” chap 4 in the text pdf https://open.lib.umn.edu/communication/ 1. Each of you needs to choose a concept from the chapter assigned to your group. 2 Individually you need to study that concept (what the book says and what 3 outside sources say). 3. Find a video clip (30 seconds or less), art piece, cartoon, sculpture, drawing… or another type of media that represents your chosen concept. 4. Develop a 4-6 presentation about your concept. What to do now? -carefully read what the text says about your chosen concept -start looking for current, credible sources (not Wikipedia, try Galileo)

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[SOLUTION] NonVerbals presentation Speech
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