[SOLUTION] comparing migratory behaviors

Use the comparative approach to discuss the similarities and differences among different species of closely related animals. Choose the two animal species you will focus on, and the behavior/behaviors you will be comparing. Write a 2-4 page paper (double-spaced). Include a reference page in APA format and include in-text citations throughout your paper. Only the references and in-text citations need to be in APA format. Title page and headings in APA format are optional. Using 2-3 research articles found through the FAU library website, write about one of the following approved topics (for an idea of what would be an approved topic, any comparative study related to a topic in chapters 7-12 would be approved.) 1. Compare territoriality in two closely related species 2. Compare migratory behavior 3. Compare communication differences in two different species 4. Compare courtship behavior 5. Compare parental behavior 6. Compare social behavior Paper Rubric Points Grammar and spelling 4 At least 2-4 pages 4 APA style references 4 Correct APA in-text citations 4 Is the research paper related to an approved topic? 3 Describe the behavior/behaviors of each animal based on the research papers you have chosen. If the behavior is very similar, just point out the differences in each species. 8 Explain the similarities and differences in the behavior in each animal. [Example: some seagull species mob predators, other seagull species do not, and this is related to where they nest (on the ground or on cliffs)]. 8 Explain what makes the behavior of each animal adaptive. Why do they benefit from the behavior? 8 How did researchers study the behaviors of interest. This should be a brief description of the methods sections of each research paper. 5 In your conclusion, answer the following: Why do you think that there are differences in behavior in the closely related animals you have chosen? 2 Total: 50

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[SOLUTION] comparing migratory behaviors
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