[SOLUTION] Neoroscience Technologies and Methodolgies Advancement

Answer all of the following five (5) questions in the same order. Use your own words for the answers. 1. To a large extent, progress in all scientific fields depends on the development of new technologies and methodologies. What technological and methodological developments have advanced the field of behavioral/cognitive neuroscience? 2. A commonly used method of lethal injection involves the injection of potassium. Explain why too much potassium in your extracellular fluid having too would be fatal. 3. What are the strengths of testing patients who have suffered brain lesions? Are there any shortcomings to this research approach? If so, what are they? What are some of the ethical considerations? 4. Discuss what is currently known about the role of sleep in memory formation. 5. What do dichotic listening tests tell us about lateralization of language and emotion? Extra-Credit Question What might have been the evolutionary advantage for the development of empathy and theory of mind?

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[SOLUTION] Neoroscience Technologies and Methodolgies Advancement
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