[SOLUTION] Coding Sheet Summary

This week, you will conduct a MeSH term search and create a Coding Sheet Summary table. This term search is for your final project—a theoretical research study—and should be based on the same topic as the research question you determined during week 1. A coding sheet includes the key components of published research found in a research review. Coding sheet information is often in a table format allowing the researcher to quickly compare findings from multiple articles. Conduct a MeSH term search using key words from Assignment 1 that you used to create your research question. Once you have completed a MeSH term search, you will get a list of published articles. Review them to find four that you will use for your final project. Create a Coding Sheet Summary table using information from the four published articles that you chose. Include your research question in the assignment so it is clear why the four articles were chosen for review. My research question is does a vegetarian or plant base diet help improve glycemic levels?

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[SOLUTION] Coding Sheet Summary
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