[SOLUTION] Advance of Technology

Write an essay of at the least 2 complete pages on the following topic. You need an introduction, body and conclusion. Use the material in the sections in the modules as support for your ideas in the body. Be sure to give enough support for your ideas. Double space the essay and use Times New Roman 12 font. Be sure to proofread for mistakes. Discuss the advance of technology during the modern period, including a series of “Industrial” revolutions. What were the effects of these new technologies on the world? Not just the machines themselves, but also ideologies, changes in countries’ economies, movement of population, etc. (Any discussion that did not include the rise of socialism and birth of communism would probably be considered lacking.) Give body paragraphs that support your thesis. Each body paragraph should begin with a topic sentence that supports your thesis (topic sentences should be your opinion). Use specific references to the module sections to support any assertions that you make. Cite those references by putting the section number in parenthesis at the end of the cite: for example (sec. 1). Be sure to support all your ideas. Do not take material from sources other the the modules. I have added files of all the scripts from section 1-5

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[SOLUTION] Advance of Technology
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