[SOLUTION] Euripides “Madea”

The student will write a two-page, double spaced essay (12-point, standard font, 1” margins) comparing and contrasting the character Medea with one of the other two women considered: Sethe or Fantine. What is each of them like? What is their character? What motivates them? What do they want in life? What challenges do they face? Does the author present them as dynamic, well-rounded characters, or as flat tropes of womanhood? Your paper must have a clear thesis. This is the main point that you wish to make about the relationship between Medea and the other character. Your paper should provide evidence (from the text, movie, lyrics) for the claims you make about each character, and a defense of why you read the text as you do. It should also be clearly written and carefully edited. Unlike your creative assignments, here you strive for a carefully polished product. Thesis Example: Both Medea and Sethe wield mystical power, Medea as a worker of potions and poisons, and Sethe through her connection to the spirit of her dead child. In addition to your essay, you should provide a separate, brief note (at the end of the document) that assesses your own work based on the following grading rubric. What, in your view, are the essay’s greatest strengths and weaknesses? Where do you feel you were most successful? If you had more time to develop it, what would you expand or revise? What grade do you think you should earn on this essay, and why.

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[SOLUTION] Euripides “Madea”
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