[SOLUTION] School Improvement Plan

A school’s culture includes its heroes, values, and networks. In corporate cultures, Deal and Kennedy (2000) describe how to analyze a company’s culture. You will be surprised how much you can learn about the culture of an organization in a limited amount of time. In this two-part assignment, you are to analyze the culture and needs of a school and then create a power-point with a brief reflective statement about the application of what you have learned. Directions: Analyze your school’s culture and identify a school-wide need at a school that you are familiar with. Through power-point of the iPad App “keynote”, use the following questions to guide you in this process. Study the physical setting. If the school has more than one site, how do they compare? Now look at the consistency across classes of employees. Are all employees treated alike?Read what the school says about itself. Look at the web site, flyers, news releases, results of academic and interscholastic competitions, etc. · Describe the work environment? Is the reception area formal or informal, relaxed or busy? How are students, parents, strangers, etc. greeted How do things get accomplished and who is responsible for things getting done? How long do people stay in their jobs? Are people promoted if there is an opportunity? What kind of promotions-internal or external? · What are the subjects of internal communications or memos? What is discussed in meetings – who talks and to whom? How much time is spent on various subjects? What kinds of stories pass through the cultural network? · Examine your School’s Effectiveness Survey, School Improvement Plan (SIP), FCAT Data and EOC’s Data. Analyze the results and recognize any themes, patterns, and discrepancies. · Based on the information gathered, do you see a school-wide need? What type of partnership (internal and external) could assist the school to meet the need you have identified? Who would the partners be? · Develop a “partnership plan” both internal and external that would assist your school’s need. · What would be the goals of the partnership? · What would be the contributions of each partner? · What structures would be established for communication and coordination among partners? · What benefits would each partner receive?

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[SOLUTION] School Improvement Plan
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