[SOLUTION] Bullying Within Adolescents

As Macrorie states above, research is not just an assignment requirement, but rather it should fulfill a curiosity that you want to find out more about. We learn more when we have an interest in what we are studying. For that reason, I do not choose your research topic for you. Do you have a passion for anything in particular? Consider topics related to your careers of choice, your family needs, or your hobbies. Often times students will research health problems that run in their families to find out how they can stay healthy. Many students choose to take this opportunity to research the needs, pay scale, and conditions of their careers. The only topics to stay away from are argumentative subjects because you will be required to write an argumentative paper in ENC1102. Therefore, your research paper is an informative paper.

You must cite minimum five references for your Works Cited page. References may come from the databases, or other reliable, credible, objective sources which consist of .edu, .gov, Google Scholar, and only those .org you are familiar with. Any other sources are not acceptable. Please keep in mind books are not a good choice for references as they tend to be outdated. A research paper is written with the concept of the most up-to-date information. Sources should not be over five years old. The only exception to this is when writing a paper that requires historical information.

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[SOLUTION] Bullying Within Adolescents
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When it comes to formatting your Works Cited page, All you have to do is put the references in alphabetical order on your Works Cited page. Remember, you alphabetize according to the author’s last name; however, if there is no author, use the title unless the title begins with “The”, “A”, or “An”, then skip to the next word in order to determine alphabetical order. It is not uncommon for a reference to not have an author.

Follow the MLA format in writing this paper. There is no title page, and the 3-5 pages are content only. The Works Cited page is not part of the required 3-5 pages. The Works Cited page follows on a separate page after you have completed your research paper. The paper is submitted as one document.

The research paper is due by the posted date and time. No late papers will be accepted. You may, however, turn your research paper in at any time prior to the deadline.

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