[SOLUTION] Human Resource Departments

Bill Gates once said, “I will find a lazy person to do a hard job because a lazy person will find an easy way to do the job”. Interesting thought and I guess some truth to it. I have always operated under the belief that almost everything within the realm of HR is employee relations based. Examine all of the aspects of what HR Departments are responsible for and there is an employee relations issue. This week, we are going to jump into why effective employee relations is paramount for any organization.r your posting requirements for this week, please address the following:Student Response #1Sugar Rush: Michael Munch Email – as part of your final, you will need to read and respond accordingly to the email Michael sent to the entire Board of Directors. You are hired as the HR Director. Read the email and tell me your overall reaction and how you would respond. Be specific!!! (The email is attached in the Assignment Section)Student Response #2EEOC Letter – you are now in receipt of a letter from the EEOC with a possible Title VII violation. As the head of HR, you will need to read and respond accordingly. Your general thoughts? Do you feel we violated Title VII? Make the argument for the employer? (The letter is attached is the Assignment Section)attachment

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[SOLUTION] Human Resource Departments
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