[SOLUTION] Real Estate Taxes

Vadar owned Tatooine Farm.  He sold the farm to Luke.  Luke never recorded the deed.  Vadar stayed on the property as a tenant for two years. Near the end of the two years, Vadar learned that Luke had never recorded the deed.Vadar advertised Tatooine Farm for sale.  Leia negotiated with Vadar for the purchase of the property thinking that Vadar was the owner. Leia also checked the records at the recording office and, finding no reason to question Vadar’s ownership of the property, purchased Tatooine Farm from Vadar. Leia recorded the deed. Vadar fled to a place far, far away with the purchase money.Meanwhile, Luke had failed to pay the real estate taxes on Tatooine Farm for the two years in question thinking it was the responsibility of Vadar, the tenant.Ultimately, Leia and Luke disputed over the ownership of the property.Who gets the property, Leia or Luke? And, is Luke responsible for the two years of real estate taxes assessed while Vadar occupied the property as a tenant?

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[SOLUTION] Real Estate Taxes
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