[SOLUTION] Auditing

You are the Executive Housekeeper for an 800-room high-end hotel in New York City. You saw a news report aboutundercover reporters checking into hotel rooms and testing9.99the rooms for cleanliness. You want to evaluate yourhousekeeping department to make sure your housekeepersare meeting hotel standards for cleanliness.Evaluate your quality control program in the housekeepingdepartment in 700 to 1,050 words.Describe your quality control program for room cleanlinessExplain how you will testthe success or failure of yourprogramExplain service recovery and how you will address customercomplaints about cleanlinessDescribe how workforce planning and optimization willimpact your programDescribe how your program will impact thehotel’s profitmarginsClick on the Assignment Files tab to submit your audit.

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[SOLUTION] Auditing
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