[SOLUTION] Managerial Accounting Tools

Write a 2-page paper on Managerial Accounting Tools (using APA 7th ed formatting) and include a cover page and a reference page. You should have a minimum of three references (and remember to use citations in the text to match the references). Find the paper template in the Getting Started menu under Course Resources.

The assignment is due before midnight on Sunday. However, if you submit it to the Keiser University Writing Studio before midnight on Sunday, you can wait to submit the assignment until after you receive feedback and guidance from the Writing Center. You can have 2 days to revise your work before you submit for grading and it will still be considered submitted on time. You are expected to revise your work using the feedback and guidance before you submit you work for grading. The Writing Studio copies the professor on emails sent to each student documenting that the work has been submitted to them. No late penalty if you elect to use the Writing Center. However, your revised work must be submitted for grading within 2 days of receiving feedback and guidance from the Writing Studio.

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[SOLUTION] Managerial Accounting Tools
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An example Week 1 Written Assignment is in the Getting Started area. Take a look at it if you wish.

Please consider using the Writing Studio to enhance your writing ability.

Articles from 2009 – present only. Use you online library. No Wikipedia, BLOGS with Ads from Yahoo, UKEssay.com; Buzzle.com, or sites that challenge as they present a biased opinion. Google Scholar is accepted.

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