[SOLUTION] Cognition Experiment Research

This is a research paper with multiple sections to it including the theoretical introduction, methods section and results and discussion along with reference page.

Experiment topic/ IV/DV- Due July 12th
In your submission, you need to briefly describe the topic of the experiment and the dependent and independent variables. You will also need to include the APA citations and abstracts for the sources for your experiment. The sources can be found using Google Scholar and should be relevant to the topic of your experiment.

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[SOLUTION] Cognition Experiment Research
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Intro needed by July 14th
The Intro should be approximately 2-3 pages and follow APA format. We expect the Intros from groups with multiple members to be longer than from those who are working individually. Guidelines for APA format can be found here, which includes a sample paper. The proper format for the Intro should include:

Double-spaced, 12pt, Times New Roman font
The title of the paper centered at the beginning of the section
A running head and page number located at the top of the page (This should be inserted as a Header in Word)
In-text citations for any research you reference (Instructions for Citations)

When you write the Introduction section, you should answer the following questions:

– What is the problem under investigation?
– Describe the topic your experiment/paper will examine.
– What does past research say about your topic?
– PARAPHRASE the findings from the research articles you submitted previously and any additional relevant articles. DO NOT USE DIRECT QUOTES. Remember to provide an in-text citation if you reference or describe anything that is not your own work.
– What is the purpose of the experiment?
– What was the experimental task?
– Briefly summarize the experiment in 1-2 sentences.
– What were the independent and dependent variables in the experiment?
– What was your hypothesis and the rationale for it?
– Provide rationale for your hypothesis based on the research you referenced.

Later section details will be provided as we go.

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