[SOLUTION] Employee Engagement

This assignment is organized into two parts and will count for 40 per cent of your final course grade. Parts A and B total 100 marks. Write a three to four-page report, approximately 750-1000 words on the following topics:

Part A: Employee Engagement (60 marks)
In module two, you learned about employee engagement and the importance of teams. Based on the materials in the module and further research that you conduct related to either Canada or British Columbia Top Employer Award Winners, respond to the following questions:

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[SOLUTION] Employee Engagement
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What are 2-3 key components of employee engagement
What do top employers do differently to actively engage employees
Based on your research, choose one organization to focus on – provide a brief overview of the organization and explain how they engage employees and create a sense of commitment to the organization.

Part B: Team Effectiveness (40 marks)
What are strategies or considerations to developing highly effective teams?
How do measure or assess the effectiveness of a team?
What is the difference between a work group and a team?

As this assignment is a temporary replacement of your final exam, you will have 7 days to complete this assignment.

Submit your assignment by using the dropbox below. Be sure to save your assignment as a Word document, and name it according to the following format:

Please submit the assignment in Word (.docx) format.

Did you put your name and student number on the document?
Did you complete all the required elements and clearly label the parts?
Did you use information and terminology learned in this module?
Did you support your statements with specific examples?
Did you cite references, including your textbook, using correct APA referencing format?
Did you ensure that there are no spelling mistakes?
Is your report grammatically correct, clear, and well organized?

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