[SOLUTION] Workflow Analysis

Map a particular piece of information from its collection and use throughout your organization. Identify what information you have chosen. Include verbal, written, and physical practices (e.g., how information is acquired, stored, distributed, and discarded). Map information workflow using a diagram. The diagram may be drawn using business process modeling notation figures available in Word, Visio, or other software. This assignment should be include a cover sheet, a one page explanation of the chosen workflow and rationale for its selection and a detailed map of current information workflow.

This assignment requires you to examine an information workflow ideally from your current work environment.

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[SOLUTION] Workflow Analysis
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Choose from these topics:
allergy information;
advance directives;
organ donor status;
past medical history details;
past surgical history details;
use of vitamins and/or supplements;
functional living status;
list of providers;
Insurance claims processing;
Antibiotic resistant infection status
Other as identified by student (subject to faculty approval)

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