[SOLUTION] Health Cost

Read chapters 8-11 from Mason, D. J., Dickson, E.L., Perez, G.A., & McLemore, M.R. (Eds.). (2021). Policy & politics in nursing and health care (8th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier. ISBN: 978-0323554985

Read the following and as you read, pay particular attention to the following: research as a policy tool, definition of health services research, and major components of the US healthcare system, how the US health care system is financed, and US health compared to other countries.
Becker, S., Dunn, L., & Gamble, M. (2014, August 1). 10 key policy issues facing healthcare. Becker ‘s Hospital Review.

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[SOLUTION] Health Cost
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Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation website with information concerning health care cost. Health Costs. (2018).

View the slideshow: Kamal, R. & Cox, C. (2017, December 20). How has US spending on healthcare changed over time? Peterson-Kaiser Health System Tracker.

Kamal, R. & Cox, C. (2016, February 9). How US health spending compares to other countries and social determinants. Peterson-Kaiser Health System Tracker. Retrieved from

Kamal, R., Claxton, G, Cox, C. & Sroczynski, N. (2016, August 18). How health spending varies by demographics in the US. Peterson-Kaiser Health System Tracker.

Council of State Governments. (2008). State Policy Guide: Using Research in Public Health Policy Making.

Additional Lecture Materials
Explore the following websites:

Congress.gov (Links to an external site.)

*********************** Discussion Board Items ******************************

1. What forces have had an effect on increasing health cost over the past 30 years?
2. How is research used to produce effective public health care policies in order to spend public resources wisely? Give one example.
3. Identify your legislators for the state (TEXAS) and national level. Please include the name of your state, district numbers for both your state level representatives and senators, as well as those on the national level. To respond to this item, you will have two US senators, one US Congressman, one state senator and one state representative
4. What contexts inform crafting policy?
5. Why should legislators use research evidence in public policymaking?
6. Why are effective programs not always implemented?

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