[SOLUTION] Final Project II Milestone One

In this milestone, you will create the first part of your Final Project II presentation. This section will focus on your goals. You will state three goals for creating, improving, and/or maintaining your online presence. You will tie these goals to the “best practices” research you completed in Modules Three and Four. This milestone assignment will directly contribute to the successful completion of the Final Project II presentation. Your instructor will provide you with feedback so that any needed revisions can be incorporated into your final presentation, which will be due in Module Nine.
Prompt: The first section of the Final Project II presentation will include a discussion of three goals for creating and maintaining or improving upon an existing online presence. You will support these goals with information gathered from the research you conducted for your paper.
Your presentation should include:
? Statements that identify your goals for creating and maintaining or improving your online presence and explain why you set those goals. For example, one of your goals could be to increase your web presence or increase the rate at which you are getting recommendations for consulting work, or maybe you want to become a leader in the communication field by curating content that is of interest to various parties. Whatever your goals are, clearly identify and justify them in your presentation.
? An explanation of how your goals address the recommendations you developed based on your research.

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[SOLUTION] Final Project II Milestone One
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