[SOLUTION] Data Collection Strategies

On a word document, write out your data collection strategies and your planned intervention – just a brief description of the methods you will use to collect data and why you selected this method and the second half of the page should describe the intervention you are planning on developing.Part I: Data collection process, a detailed explanation of the data collection, and interpretation of your findings as a result of the needs assessments (parts I & II).Part II: An explanation of your planned intervention that is directly linked to your project findings so far (research, literature, readings, discussions, needs analysis, observations, etc.). Remember that you must tie in your intervention explicitly to the findings that led to you to intervene.NOTE: The description for part II of this assignment will begin lay the groundwork for your more detailed Action Plan.Parts III/IV: Provide a description of your target audience and of the educational setting where the intervention will take place. Please do not disclose too much. Rather than the specific name of the school, you should use general terminology that says just enough and NOT too much (e.g. a public elementary school in a suburban setting that is part of a major metropolitan school district in the southeastern US., or provide a pseudonym). For your student population you can use amount of students, gender, grade levels, demographic ethnicity, whether they are English Langauge Learners.

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[SOLUTION] Data Collection Strategies
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