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How does literature reflect society? How does literature relate to social issues? With those questions in mind, provide a literary analysis of the reading of your choice in the Select Readings folder. From there, provide a larger analysis of the role of literature in society. You must link the analysis of the select reading to the larger discussion about literature and social issues. • Write a 6-8 page research paper based on a literary work in the Select Readings folder. You will present your research on the last day of class. • This is both a research assignment AND a literary analysis. The essay MUST connect your research to the content of the literary work, and you must cite from the literary work in addition to your secondary sources. • The essay must use at least three academic sources in addition to the literary work and include a Works Cited page. Feel free to incorporate non-academic sources in addition to the three required academic sources. • The essay must be a minimum of 6 pages BEFORE the Works Cited page. • Your essay must use quotes from the novel and cite your sources using MLA style. See the MLA chapter of the Writer’s Reference textbook for how to use MLA formatting. • The essay should be double spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font. Please email the essay to me by midnight on Tuesday, 7/7. LATE FINALS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. -The poem that I have sent is to be referenced throughout the entire essay.

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[SOLUTION] Essay Prompt
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