[SOLUTION] Database Design

(Ch. 5-What are some potential problems of poor database design?Ch. 6-Discuss the different types of Web services that you are currently using for study and work? Why have you chosen those Web services to use?))–500-600 words[[This project is something you will develop throughout the Information Studies Capstone course. It needs to be your original idea or you will fail the course. You will need to develop a specific solution that addresses a specific business problem. Name and/or type of Company/Organization: ____________________________________________________________________________________What is the specific business problem or need the company has and why is it important? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________What is going to be your solution (e.g. an ordering system, website, app, etc.)? This will beyour project that you will work on. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________What value will this bring to the business? (increase sales, decrease costs, etc.)__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 

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[SOLUTION] Database Design
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