[SOLUTION] International Business

Discuss the following items. Make sure sufficient writing for each item. At least two paragraphs for each.

1. Explain differences between domestic strategies and international strategies.
2. Identify the four components of an international strategy.
3. Describe the role and importance of distinctive competence in international strategy formulation.
4. Explain the three sources of competitive advantage available to international businesses that are not available to purely domestic firms.

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[SOLUTION] International Business
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5. Explain basic factors involved in deciding whether to use standardization or customization.
6. Explain how legal, cultural, and economic factors will influence product policies.
7. Explain why brand names/naming will be important marketing tools for international business.
8. Explain fundamental issues that must be addressed in international advertising.
9. Explain what a distribution channel is. Then, explain what options does an international firm have in developing its channels.

[Your own research and opinions!]
10. Identify two products which you think you could market in a variety of foreign markets with little customization.
11. Identify two products which you think you would customize for better marketing in a variety of foreign markets.
12. Explain pros and cons of trying to use a single brand name in different markets.

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