[SOLUTION] Literary Analysis of the Caddo Tribe

Select a Native American story from the course readings. Develop an assertion by applying the story’s significance to an issue in contemporary society. Additional sample thesis statements for this type of paper will be provided via email correspondence from the instructor. One example is provided below: • A thesis statement for a literary analysis should include (1) your topic, (2) your assertion, and (3) your two-four main supporting literary points. Example: The (1) legend of Pecos Bill (2) personifies the frontier virtues of courage, strength, and humor through the (3) use of heroic characterization and a superhuman story plot. The thesis tells the reader exactly what the paper will include in its analysis. In the example above, we know that the writer will be analyzing the legend of Pecos Bill; asserting that the legend personifies frontier virtues of courage, strength, and humor (attributes that are still exhibited in people today with deep sea exploration and space exploration, which adds to the timelessness of the folktale); and using examples from the legend’s inclusion of heroic characterization and superhuman plot elements to support the assertion. Review the research paper rubric for additional guidance (See syllabus appendices). This assignment is based on the Alvernia grading scale found in your student catalog. You are required to include parenthetical citations and an annotated bibliography of at least 5-6 sources (course texts, lectures, and readings may be used as sources) in APA format.

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[SOLUTION] Literary Analysis of the Caddo Tribe
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