[SOLUTION] new study

Find an instance where media is citing social science research to support their claims. Do not use an article that has been chosen by another student. (News is published every day citing research. If you have difficulty locating something, try a google news search for “new study”, or “new study -coronavirus” if you want to exclude COVID related content. Add on topics of interest to the query to find articles citing research in areas that interest you.) Read the media article, AND read the social science research that is being cited. Provide links to both in your submission, and answer the following questions via a post within this discussion forum: What are the claims being supported by social science research? How did researchers collect the data in the underlying research? Might there be limitations in the data, such that they may not be perfect representations of what they are trying to measure? Why is it important that this data, or underlying research, be accurate?

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[SOLUTION] new study
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