[SOLUTION] Naturalism Paper

In Christian Theism, God is the omnipotent, personal Creator of the universe and sustainer of all things. In Deism, God is reduced to a Creator who does not interact with his creation. In Naturalism, God is further reduced – he loses his very existence. Consider the main tenants of Naturalism. Read Chapter 4 of The Universe Next Doorby Sire Write a 2-3 page paper onThe Nature of Man comparing and contrasting the Christian Theist’s view of human beings as “created in God’s image” and the Naturalist’s view of human beings as “complex machines.” Ensure the following points are addressed. Brief explanation of the biblical phrase “created in God’s image.” Brief explanation of how Naturalists would define “complex machines.” At least two points of comparison/contrast of the two views of human beings. Support your writing with the textbook and at least one other scholarly resource.

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[SOLUTION] Naturalism Paper
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