[SOLUTION] Concept: Delegation

Case Study You are working the night shift on a medical unit and have been assigned charge nurse responsibilities. You are working with four RNs, one LPN, and two UAPs. A client becomes pulseless and is not breathing, and the nurse assigned to the client’s care calls a code. The nurse is occupied at this client’s bedside for 1.5 hours until the resuscitation effort is completed, and the client is transferred to the intensive care unit. This nurse also has four other assigned clients. In addition to the nurse assigned to care for the client requiring resuscitation, two of the other nurses working on your unit are assisting in the code. Review the case study and write an essay (suggested length of 4 pages, excluding title page and reference page) in which you do the following: Discuss what tasks could you delegate to the UAPs? The LPN working on the unit is a new graduate and has been employed for only 4 weeks. How would you collaborate with this nurse when delegating tasks for completion? Discuss how you will maintain the safety of the other clients on your unit while three nurses are occupied with the client requiring resuscitation? Explain how might effective delegation to other team members contribute to care of the clients on the unit? (Remember, this is not a question about the patient that is coded, but how you will handle the unit while you are short staffed). Grading Rubric 30.0 pts High Proficiency Learner Demonstrates understanding of content. In-text citations are present, but there is less than 10% cited, the work is the learner’s own and not cited or paraphrased material. 25.0 pts High Proficiency Thorough use of key terms and concepts relevant to the assignment. Thoroughly incorporates readings and other academic & professional resources 20.0 pts High Proficiency Thoroughly and substantively addresses all questions. 10.0 pts High Proficiency No Grammar or Spelling Errors 15.0 pts High Proficiency Student selected at least 3 peer reviewed resources and cited them correctly. May have 1 or more in-text citation cited correctly Total 100 Pts

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[SOLUTION] Concept: Delegation
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