[SOLUTION] Response Paper-Acropolis of Athens

Please read the directions carefully: This paper is to be a minimum of 2 pages in length, typed in Microsoft Word, double-spaced, 12 point font (Times New Roman or similar), 1 inch margins all around, with a paper title (bolded) at top of content. No cover page or heading is necessary other than your name, assignment title (“Response Paper – Historical Site”), and the course title. While content should be double-spaced, heading should be single-spaced. Should be 2-3 pages (min. 750 words) – see syllabus for further guidelines. ASSIGNMENT: Your assignment is to evaluate a Historical landmark, a historical society’s collections, or a museum exhibit from any period or region that we have covered thus far (including these chapters). This paper is meant to be focused on a way to evaluate historical resources available in the community. You should: 1. Identify the background of the landmark or exhibit, the purpose (and process?) or preservation, 2. how it is being utilized in the community, and 3. the benefit of having this landmark or exhibit available to residents and visitors alike. Clearly the majority of your paper is the background of the element you choose. Be sure to write clearly. Do not copy directly from the museum or society’s website. You might consider doing some background research online to learn more about the items in question. If you can find items from the time period we are discussing (hint: they are out there) then kudos to you.

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[SOLUTION] Response Paper-Acropolis of Athens
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