[SOLUTION] Writing a contrast(differences) paper

Choose ONE of the following topics for comparison OR contrast (remember these are two different things, choose to either compare or contrast): 1. Compare or contrast the ways in which you and someone close to you approach the same task. The task you choose may be abstract, like solving a problem, or it may be concrete, like washing the dishes. Which steps are similar or which are distinct for the two of you? 2. Consider a situation in which you expected one outcome but that actually turned out another way. Contrast your expectations with what happened in reality, taking care to describe both situations in concrete detail. 3. Compare or contrast any one pair of the following synonyms or another pair of your choosing. What are the subtle differences between these terms? sad/depressed excited/eager scared/terrified 4. Writer’s choice, but you MUST clear your idea by me first before submitting your thesis sentence. Drop me an email with your idea for approval. Whichever topic you choose, remember that you want to use clear examples and development to help your points. Your essay should be between 500-650 words long and five paragraphs long.Any paper under 500 words will not be graded and will receive a zero. Download the comparison/contrast essay planning sheet available to help you organize your essay first. This can be found by clicking here. You’ll want to come up with a strong thesis and use the outline sheet to help you with writing your paper. You are not allowed to submit an essay that you have written previously for this class or another.

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[SOLUTION] Writing a contrast(differences) paper
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