[SOLUTION] Where Do We Go From Here

Hello, This will be added to the last chapter of my thesis paper. My main topic is Title 1 Schools and Its Population. The purpose of the last chapter is to give suggestions on how low performing schools can be improved. There should be 1 source for each of the following topics: 1. Culturally Responsive Teaching (1.5 Pages/ 1 Souce) 2. Social Emotional Learning (1.5 Pages/ 1 Souce) 3. Expanding Learning After School Project (1.5 Pages/ 1 Souce) 4. School Turn-Around (1.5 Pages/ 1 Souce) 5. Incorporating Art Lessons to Improve Student Achievement (1.5 Pages/ 1 Souce) The sources can not go back further than 2015 and should all come from scholarly articles. Thank You.

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[SOLUTION] Where Do We Go From Here
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