[SOLUTION] social impact of information literacy and systems

Topic (Course-Level SLO): Describe the social impact of information literacy and systems in relation to commerce, education, and personal activities. Thesis Statement: Create a statement which includes the following components: Identifies the topic you will be writing about (i.e. how information systems and literacy affect the career field you are going into) Describes the benefits/opportunities/pros and risks/threats/cons that usage or lack of information systems and information literacy have on that career field from the perspectives of Commerce (how businesses are run, new businesses created, etc.) Education (how you receive your education, what schools do with your data) Personal activities (job hunting; job tasks; skills required; collection, handling, and use of data; etc.) Example Thesis Statement: Information systems and information literacy in the transportation industry are more beneficial than harmful, despite the serious risks that cannot be separated from them, because they create opportunities for new sources of revenue, offer more effective and personalized delivery of industry-related education, and result in richer and fuller personal and professional lives. Content Requirements (50% of assignment grade): Substance and Focus Thesis statement clearly addresses all elements of the topic Thesis and Abstract clearly say what the paper will conclude and/or teach the reader Writing shows academic thought, explores contradictions, and successfully reaches a logical conclusion Entire paper shows a thoughtful, in-depth analysis of a significant topic Reader does not need to assume anything or do additional research to accept the main argument and conclusion Organization & Development Support for the thesis that is well-organized, cited from reliable sources, and reaches a conclusion the reader will find credible and/or teaches the reader something new Arrange paragraphs in a logical sequence, each new one building on earlier ones to reach a logical and well-supported conclusion for the paper The paper explores positive and negative aspects of the topic, acknowledging the benefits and risks applicable to the thesis and topic Appropriately cites well-edited quotes; less than 10% of the paper is direct quotations Uses an appropriate mix of outside resources, relevant research, and/or real-life application (work experience, prior coursework, etc.) to support important points Clarity, Style, & Word Choice Paragraphs should have 100-200 words—about 10-15 sentences Spelling, grammar, and use of language meet academic writing standards Sentences vary in length, yet are clearly structured and carefully focused, not long and rambling No misused or unnecessarily fancy words; explains technical terms and words from other languages Technical Requirements (50% of assignment grade): Only a MS Word document file type will be accepted – no pdf or other file types are permitted The body of the paper (excludes Title, Abstract, and References pages) should consist of 750-1,000 words (excluding quoted material) A minimum of 4 credible sources cited (other than textbooks and/or videos), 2 of which must come from the CCC Library databases A Turn-It-In Similarity (plagiarism) score below 60% No spelling or grammar errors (names, abbreviations, and so forth excepted) Must use the MS Word features taught in this course to meet CCC APA Formatting Requirements handout guidance (link at bottom of page) Font and line spacing for the entire document: Use the Ariel font style 11-point font size Double-spaced line spacing Title page: type the title page content to comply with CCC APA Formatting Requirements handout guidance do not use any of the template cover pages available in MS Word – follow the example in the CCC APA Formatting Requirements handout insert a Next Page Section Break after the last line of cover page content Headers: all pages will have header content as specified in the CCC APA Formatting Requirements handout do not use the space bar or default tabs to place Header content–insert a single tab to right-align the page numbering to the right margin Paragraphs and Pages: page margins will be as specified in the CCC APA Formatting Requirements handout use Page Breaks (do not use paragraph returns) to force a new page paragraph indents will be formatted as specified in the CCC APA Formatting Guidelines without using manual tabs and using the 1st-line indent feature remove spacing between paragraphs APA Citations and References: enter all in-text citations and reference sources as specified in the CCC APA Formatting Guidelines using the Citations and Bibliography features on the References Ribbon in MS Word in-text citations will meet CCC APA Formatting Requirements regarding content and placement in the body of the paper References section content will be converted to static text and formatted to use hanging-indents as specified in the CCC APA Formatting Requirements handout

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[SOLUTION] social impact of information literacy and systems
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