[SOLUTION] Informative Speech Work & Research Submit Assignment

Directions: The purpose of an informative speech is to teach the audience something; to inform us about something we are not familiar with! Best case scenario, your speech should make the audience say two things: 1) “Wow! That is cool!” and 2) “I did not know that!” You can talk about people, places, things, theories, events, science, technology, art, music, hobbies, etc. But your topic must be specific, and focused. For example, you would not speak about art, or music generally, but rather a specific type of art or music! Be specific and focused. Note: You cannot talk about a problem of any kind. When addressing problems, whether intentional or not, we influence the audience, and that is persuasive; and the persuasive speech is our final presentation for the class. If you present a problem topic for the informative speech, you will lose 10 points. No problem topics for the informative speech. Work to submit here: 1. TOPIC MUST REFLECT THE ABOVE STANDARDS 2. 8 POINTS – Informative Speech Outline Reflecting the Instant Structure and Examples Provided in Empowering Speech 3. 5 POINTS – Works Cited or Bibliography with six college level sources. Four or more sources must be 2018-2020. For help formatting your research go to easybib.com. Always early…never late!

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[SOLUTION] Informative Speech Work & Research Submit Assignment
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